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A pyramid based trading strategy

Subject: A Martingale based trading strategy

Investopedia: Forex Trading the Martingale Way
I know these strategies have been around for centuries, but here's a brief rundown on what I'm fleshing out for 2020. This isn't likely what most would call a "pyramid", but it was the easiest to code in python. It's a variation of DCA with a few modifications.

UPDATE: It's called "Martingale", thx for the tip u/w0lph

The basic concept is buy the dip and sell the spike, but with weighted bands positioned as a pyramids of limit orders. Once we decide how broad the buy/sell range will be (given 10% in this example), we will position our buys and sells to commit more and more the further into that band we dip. Basically creating a pyramid.
Something like this
Here's a more concrete example

Example data:

So given the the spot of $7500 and a $100 investment to distribute, our bands will be as follows:



So between $7350 and $7676, nothing happens for the week. If the price swings outside that HODL band, then I'll start buying if it drops or selling if it spikes.
I have a bit of python to build the bands, but excel could do it as well. Once you determine how many bands you need, then you just redo them ever week. Here are the basic rules to do every week to set this up.
  1. Every week re-evaluate your cost-basis for how much you have invested in BTC
  2. Every week re-evaluate your Sell and Buy bands (I used 10% in the above example)
  3. If you had any "Sells" trigger from the previous week, add that to your DCA investment
  4. Build your "Sell" pyramid based on your current cost basis and current holdings
  5. Build your "Buy" pyramid based on your DCA investment and the current spot price
  6. If our current cost basis is below spot, set our "Sell" pyramid off the current spot price.
  7. Clear all of last weeks limit orders
  8. Add all of this weeks limit orders
  9. Check back next week


I actually don't know what this is called, I just stole it from a friend of mine years ago, and I assume he got it from somewhere else as well. You may choose to take profits off the table, in this example I'm reinvesting. Let me know if you think there is some things I should add or other ways to improve the "game". Sorry it's so long. It was a shorter post in my head.
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Trading Contest: Rules, Benchmarks and Prizes.

I've now arranged at least one backer for the trading contest to provide investment prizes. Some of the details of this may be subject to change. Last week my girlfriend went away on a trip and in the car she took was a bag with two of my phones and one laptop. So I've not yet discussed the finer points of this on the phone with the backer yet, just briefly exchanged some emails and have an agreement in principle. I'll be able to confirm Sunday/Monday when she's back.

Initial Funding Offer

Testing investment of $10,000. Scaling to full investment of $100,000. Further adding of funding up to $1 million.


Meet a tier 3 trader benchmark.
Tier 3 traders have to be able to produce an average return of 3% a month and never exceed 10% drawdown.
Results need to be over 9 month - 12 months. The trading data needs to be made available for quant team analysis.

Account Requirements

Results have to be produced on live accounts, with a funding of $1,000 (or more).

If anyone is able to produce solid results but for some reason can not afford to fund this, I am willing to sponsor you for this, providing the seed capital (essentially investing in you). For me to do this, I'll need to see you producing solid results on a demo account for at least 3 - 6 months. If you can, I'll set up something to allow you access to live funds trading without self funding it.

Drawdown Rules

Drawdown will be tracked with professional metrics. This means we are tracking equity drawdown (not balance drawdown), and it mean we're tracking equity drawdown from high water mark.

This means if you open trades and they float against you, but later close profitably the drawdown in running trades is counted as losses. It also means if your trades go into profit and later close at a loss the percentage loss will be from the high in equity. So for example if you go up 2% in equity profit and close 1% loss, you lost 3%. 3% is your high water mark drawdown.

So it is essential you can both control your running equity losses, and efficiently cap losses on unrealised profits.


The backer is mainly from the Forex world, but also willing to provide backing for results from other markets. So people can trade where they know best.

(Note: For me funding you, I'll probably only be accepting Forex. Logistical reasons).

Toxic Tendencies

Results will be screened by quant team for 'toxic tendencies'. These are known weaknesses in strategies that mean they can produce short term results, but rarely are sustainable. The most common example of this is martingale. Toxic tendencies strategies will be rejected even if they produce good results. If there is any chance at all of them being considered 18 months or more of trading history will be required.

Fresh Accounts

For the purposes of this contest, all accounts will have to be new accounts tracking forward from the start date of the contest. Backtesting or previous forward testing will not be accepted.

Further Funding

The funding available can be further increased if tier 3 benchmarks are passed. Tier 3 is the lowest viable results, with funding usually capped under 5 million (most commonly 1 million). If traders can beat tier 3 results and match tier 2 or even tier 1 results, a lot more funding is available.
As a rule of thumb, tier 2 traders have minimum investments of 5 - 10 million. Tier 1 traders minimum investments of $100 million. I will discuss in more detail with people how to progress through these tiers if and when it is applicable.

Time Scale of Opportunity

This is open indefinitely. The backer will probably be quite happy to offer incentives like this for a long time (profitable traders are worth a lot of money to those who can fund them). Even if for some reason they decide to no longer offer funding, in a few years time I will be in a position where I can allocate large amounts of funds to profitable traders - so I will provide continuity of this offer.

My Benchmarks

As benchmarks, I will provide a few different strategies that I know are suitable for tier 3 trading. It has always been in my plan to provide some strategy write ups for these for people to learn them, and then have them running with ongoing results updates for people to see how they perform. So I will just push on with getting this set up, and then use these strategies as my entries into the contest and setting of tier 3 benchmarks.

Starting Date

ETA for this is probably in the next 3 weeks. This gives me a bit of time to do the strategy write ups and finalise details on funding requirements and scale up of investments. I will update on this when I have a more solid timeline.
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